o360o.com Virtual Tours. A Leasing Agent’s New Best Friend

“Virtual” is likely the front runner for 2020’s word of the year. And for rental / leasing agents, that could go double for virtual apartment tours and virtual leasing.

The current environment has created a major shift in how leasing agents do business. That includes learning, how to make a virtual tour for real estate that works. While virtual tours were once just a way to get prospects in the door in person, now it could be the only way prospects experience the space that they may be calling home. And that also means that these virtual tours might be the rental / leasing agent’s only way to connect with a prospect to get them to a signed lease.

Not only is the touring virtual, the leasing process is as well (Ask us how).

With today’s shift to virtual leasing, a o360o virtual tour creation can be a leasing agent’s best friend.