'o360o Live'

Host Video Chats on your 360 Virtual Tours

We have adapted rapidly to help expand tools for selling in a post COVID-19 world.

Every day, we hear questions and concerns from users of virtual tours all over:

“How do I stream a live call with my clients?”

“How can I share and sell with virtual tour software?”

“What software and tech makes it easy to market my business without requiring in-person meetings?” 

With ‘o360o Live’, all this is possible!

We have created a ground breaking feature to expand your ability to adjust positively to this new world order. 

You can now have a live video chat conversation directly on a 3D/360º virtual tour created on the o360o platform.

This makes it possible to have a virtual live streaming “showing” without having to physically go to a location.

Stay remote, but keep the personal touch alive through a proper sales presentation. This is great and what real estate, and property management companies are crying out for!!

This new feature is called ‘o360o Live.’

‘o360o Live’ removes the fear and challenge of going on-location. 

Stay at home and expose your clients to multiple properties and sales inventory.

This feature is here to stay – as a salesperson or buyer’s agent, you can remove the painful requirement of going to showing after showing, only to lead to your clients saying “pass,” and feel like you wasted your time.

Imagine a world where – with one click – you can enter a location and have a productive conversation over a virtual tour. 

And yes, you can share the screen easily with one click of a button. 

We at o360o with ‘o360o Live’ have a chance to completely change the virtual sales environment for the next decade.

To get started to join us simply: